Get to Know Us

HQD Tech UK was founded in 2015 and has set itself the goal to offer the customer the best vape experience through high quality products, with a huge variety of flavours. We always look to improve the quality of our vapes to provide you and millions of other HQD fans. We believe that our product is one of the best in the world and we happy to bring it to the world.


A Real Alternative

We see it as our task to offer smokers a cleaner alternative to smoking cigarettes. We have done a lot of research and investigation to offer the best alternative to smoking ciga­rettes. Our result: Oxygen is the burner! But we are aware that it is not easy to stop the consumption of cigarettes. One of the best known reasons for the physical and psycho­logical addiction to cigarettes is nicotine. Studies show that it is not nicotine but tobacco smoke that poses a health risk. Cuvies contain nicotine and are therefore a real alternative to quit smoking cigarettes. They taste incredibly fruity, moreover the perfectly balanced aromas in cuvies do not damage blood vessels or the heart. Propyleneglycol is the main component of e-shishas and has been classified by the European Chemicals Agency as non-respiratory irritant.



Everywhere you go you will huge vape machines that are just uncomfortable and messy. Honestly, who wants to carry around a huge vape in their pockets? HQD products are perfect for compact and easy carry! No refilling or no charging, HQD are disposable e-vapes are filled with more flavour than any other counterpart. Our HQD products are the most delicious disposable e-vapes you will ever taste, we give you our word.


HQD focuses on the research and development of disposable electronic cigarettes, breaking into the global international brand status. HQD is the brand that focuses on the perspective of user experience, pays attention to safety, and comfortability of the product. HQD has a team of thousands of people that focuses on Research & Development and sales to build a professional service system.

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